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i don’t know why we are going after a beta when there’s an alpha on the field.


Can I have a dog please?


In which Ian Bohen reminds me why I still bother to be on twitter.

Peter Hale meme → favourite weapon
"Do you want the bite?"


Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.


Peter Hale slam dunking a bitch.

Favorite romance from Mass Effect 3?


Reblog this for Kaidan Alenko

Miranda Lawson, Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, Jack, Ashley Williams, Steve Cortez, Thane Krios, Samantha Traynor, Garrus Vakarian, Liara T’Soni

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“Most surprising thing? [Long pause, laughter from the audience] I wanna know what you all think I’m thinking now! Honestly I still think the most surprising thing was finding out that Peter was the alpha in season 1. To me that was a pretty great twist. I remember shooting the show… they don’t tell us anything, we don’t know anything while we’re shooting, so we kinda find out while we go along same as you guys when you watch and I remember all of us trying to guess who the alpha was because even up to episode three we didn’t know that they were saying that it wasn’t Derek. So I even thought as the character that it was me and then I read the third script and were like “Oh! That changes things, ok.” So when we all got the script and found out that it was Peter, that truly shocked me and Ian still jokes about it. When he came on set the first day… People that know me know the more I know somebody the more I tend to engage in conversation and things like that and so when Ian first showed up the first day I was the first person he ran into and he was like “Hey man, I’m Ian, I play your uncle” and I was like “Oh cool, man, how’s it going, where are you from?” and we chatted a little bit and you know Dylan and Posey were there and I was like “See you on set, man”. I thought that Ian was gonna be there for like a day and then he was gonna go home and we’d never see him again. That’s what I thought. I thought that’s what the character was, that’s what the story was. And so to find out that we was the alpha in season 1, I think that’s still the most surprising thing for me.” — Tyler Hoechlin on "Looking back at 4 years of "Teen Wolf", what was the most surprising thing for you? [myFanbase] (via tylerhoechlinnews)